7 “Surprise-Inside” Cake & Treat Ideas

Cookies and sweets help us in difficult times. Thanks to them, we can forget and diversify. Each of us loves cookies with a surprise. they give so much joy and positive emotions.

1. Pinata Cake

What’s better than a pinata, you ask? An edible pinata! Just imagine the shock of your party guests once the cake is cut open. I love the unique round shape of this one, too.

7 “Surprise-Inside” Cake & Treat Ideas
by listotic.com

2. Checkerboard Cake

Cookware shops sell special pans for making this cake. However, you can turn out a handsome specimen without them.

Checkerboard Cake
by goodhousekeeping.com

3. Pinata Cake

At a party, you need to break open a pinata. Just don’t use a bat for this one and you’re good.

7 “Surprise-Inside” Cake & Treat Ideas
by delish.com

4. 15 Surprise Inside Heart Cakes & Cupcakes

We always love a fun and unique dessert and can’t get enough of these “surprise inside” cupcakes and cakes! They are simply perfect for a Valentine’s Day wedding or to add to your sweets table at your reception or bridal shower.

15 Surprise Inside Heart Cakes & Cupcakes
by moncheribridals.com

5. Easy Rainbow Cake

If you like the idea of a rainbow cake but aren’t much of a dough puncher, this awesome rainbow cake might just be up your ally.

Easy Rainbow Cake
by omnomicon.com

6. Owl Face Reveal Bread

A delicious sandwich loaf with a surprise owl face inside… what a HOOT!

Owl Face Reveal Bread
by tablespoon.com

7. Pinata Cupcakes

Pinata Cupcakes scream party time! With a fun surprise M&Ms center, these cupcakes will bring smiles to everyone.

Pinata Cupcakes
by mandysrecipeboxblog.com

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