6 Unbelievably Cheap But Awesome DIY Home Decor Projects

Each of us wants to live in a beautiful home. What to do not to strain the home budget? Below are 6 Awesome DIY Home Decor Projects & ideas for cheap diy decorations that will decorate your home and make life better.

1. Anthro-inspired Zinc Letters

Here’s some really creative and original ways to spruce up your kitchen – all you need to add is some elbow grease, a few craft supplies and some objects you most likely have lying round your house!

Anthro-inspired Zinc Letters
by Lolly Jane

2. DIY Ladder Shelves

Is your home is becoming unattractive due to lack of decorative and beauty stations? Here is a quick and low-cost fix to it!

Cool Ladder Shelves
by apairandasparediy.com

3. DIY Old Furniture Refurbishment

This project is all about amazing revamping of old home furniture and also about how to transfer images to your furniture for extra beauty!

DIY Old Furniture Refurbishment
by maisondecor8.blogspot.com

4. Plaster Of Paris Flowers

DIY Flower Jars – such a cute and fun home decor craft idea using plaster of paris!

Plaster Of Paris Flowers
by artsyvava.blogspot.com

5. DIY Frame Shelves

Framed shelves are really really graphic subjects that can be used in stores and homes as displays with ease. The costs are low yet the results are mesmerizing.

DIY Frame Shelves
by shanty-2-chic.com

6. Diy Menu Board

Chalkboard paint is opening great opportunities in DIY; with a menu realized with color and chalkboard one can obtain that chic vintage look in a familiar, simple manner. The board can also be updated with ease, making things natural, seamless.

Diy menu board
by thesitsgirls.com

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